Clinical Pilates uses exercise in helping treat and, most importantly, prevent back pain, shoulder and arm pain, and hip and knee pain. It can also improve posture and muscle tone, provide greater flexibility and increase balance. 



Monday 10:00am - Group Pilates

Tuesday 5:15pm - Group Pilates
               6:15pm - Group Pilates

Thursday 7:15am - Group Pilates
                 5:15pm - Group Pilates


How does Clinical Pilates Work?

Our bodies are made up of various layers of muscles from superficial to deep. Standard exercise (working out at the gym) predominantly works our superficial muscles e.g. biceps, hamstrings. Clinical Pilates targets our deep core muscles e.g pelvic floor, deep abdominals. These deep muscles aid in stability around the joints of the body and are often very weak, leaving our joints vulnerable to injury. 

Clinical Pilates aims to improve the body’s control and stability of the abdominal, pelvic floor, diaphragm and deep stabilising back muscles and to help promote injury prevention.

What we offer at Southwest Chiropractic

When you begin Clinical Pilates at Southwest Chiropractic, you will first receive a full clinical assessment by Dr Jacqui Askew, chiropractor trained in Clinical Pilates. This will assess your posture, core strength, muscular strength and weaknesses and joint movements. From this assessment, a personalised program will be tailored to your body. 

After your initial assessment, Jacqui will advise if you can begin group classes or whether you need further individual sessions. Group classes have a maximum of 3 people in them and run for 45 minutes. Each participant in these classes will be doing their own individual program that has been tailored by the instructor. 


Your teacher Jacqui AskewJacqui loves working with people of all ages but has a special interest in working with children, pre and post-natal women and athletes.