Chiropractic for Children 

The practice of paediatrics within the chiropractic profession, is based on the principle that children are unique individuals undergoing the process of human development and not merely ‘little adults’. 


Treating Children

Treating children and babies is not the same as treating adults. They are unique individuals undergoing the process of human development. We ensure that your children are treated by chiropractors that only treat children with the aim of providing the best and most evidence based care for your child. We treat babies from when they are born into their adult years. 

The typical chiropractic care for infants and children involves the use of low-force-low-amplitude techniques that are age appropriate and safe. 

Dr Jacqui Askew has completed her Diplomate of Paediatric  Chiropractic and has a special interest in the health and wellbeing of infants and children’s development.



At Southwest Chiropractic, we also have a passion for helping pregnant mothers-to-be. We offer gentle Chiropractic care in helping musculoskeletal problems related to pregnancy. Chiropractic can be one of the many aspects that help the pregnant mother prepare for a naturally healthy birth. 

We look forward to meeting your whole family! 


Your Chiropractor Jacqui Askew loves working with people of all ages but has a special interest in working with children, pre and post-natal women and athletes.